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Astro Skate Wins RSA Kooky Awards

Each year, the Roller Skating Association holds the Annual Golden Kooky Awards to give recognition to the best websites, flyers, TV commercials and radio commercials in the roller skating industry. Each entry is judged on design, usability, representation, content and more. Awards are given in each category. 

Astro Skate is proud to announce that we are the proud recipients of 2 major awards this year. One, for our new website. Here are the qualifications as dictated by the RSA Kooky Award Committee:

Website Design Category

  • Design, Structure and Navigation: Does the design draw you in and make you want to explore the site? Is the site well structured? Is it easy to navigate? Content: Is the site complete, up-to-date and clear (is it easy to find information for user)? Overall Experience: Would you recommend family and friends visit the site? Does it innovate (interactivity or virtual community)? Did you enjoy visit and learn something?

 Astro Skate Wins RSA Kooky Awards

TV Commercial

  • Television advertisement that best represents the nominee’s skating center through the use of video production and demonstrates creativity.

See the Award Winning Video Below



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Astro Skate

Astro Skate

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