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New Carpet and More in Tarpon Springs

New Carpet and More in Tarpon Springs

We constantly strive to imporove the experience of our skaters. These efforts may include upgrades to the skating facilities, new Cosmic Cafe menu items, new video games and more. Recently we have made some significant renovations to the Tarpon Springs rink.

We added a brand new practice room to allow skaters to hone their skills before heading out on to the big floor. This will prove to be a great confidence builder for the novice skater! To decorate the new room we had all the walls painted with colorful space-themed characters and pseudo-planets.

Bass Station Improvements

The Bass Station received brand new carpeting throughout. This carpet has a great design and even glows under the right lighting. Something that has to be seen to be appreicated. Check out some of the photos below to get an idea of what we have been up to. But you must come and see for yourself. Check the schedule to plan your next visit with us.



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Astro Skate

Astro Skate

Join us for a #StardustRollerRink Reunion Skate THIS SATURDAY at our #Bradenton Rink!