Astro Matineé Skates

Our  matineé and open skates are some of the most exciting skating sessions we offer. A full afternoon of skating, fun, friends - new and old, the greatest music on the hottest sound systems in town in an atmosphere rivaling that of anything you can think of.

Excellent In House DJs

astro-skating-dj-DreyaBut Astro Skate offers more then just skating at our rinks. We don't just pop a CD in and let the music play. We have full on DJ booths complete with the latest technology and some of the best local DJs to be had. Who wants to just skate to a sound track wen you can have a live DJ providing thumping beats and pumping you up even more. Our DJs and floor staff also conduct contests, games and races, all with exciting prizes and treats.

And the fun doesn't end there. Throughout our skating sessions we also offer face painting, free glow paint, colored hair spray, glitter, bubble and fog machines and more. And when you think that isn't enough, then we pull out the inflatable bounce houses!

If you are expecting a boring afternoon of skating to a CD or MP3 tracks, then you should probably skate somewhere else. Because Astro Skate might just be too exciting for you!

Stay In The Know

We are always hosting great themed skating sessions like Luaus, Foam Parties, Glow In The Dark Parties, All night Skates and more. The best way to stay informed of these events, aside from keeping an eye on the Upcoming Events page, is to sign up for our eNewsletter. This way you will be one of the first to know of these great parties at Astro Skate. So fill in your email address and hit Go!



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Astro Skate

Astro Skate

Join us for a #StardustRollerRink Reunion Skate THIS SATURDAY at our #Bradenton Rink!