Astro Skate Rentals

Astro Skate Rentals

We Have The Skate Rental for What Ever Skating Style You Like

Astro Skate has a veritable cornecopia of rental skates for our customers. We buy the highest quality skates to allow our customers the optimum skating experience, regardless of their abilitiwes.

Our skates will cover your every need - whether you're a world class skater or skating for the first time. Whether you enjoy the classic quad skate or a more contemporary in-line skate. If you're ready to take your skating to the next level, our quality skates are ready to take you there.

Skate Retal Fees

Classic Quad Skates: $2

Jam Skates: $3

In Line Skates: $3

Speed Skates: $4


Skate Trainers Available

Astro Skate offers Skate Trainers for those who are new to skating. These traiining aids offer great support and help build confidence. Please let us know at the front door if a member of your party requires a skate trainer.

Buy Your Skates Where You Skate

If you prefer, we also have a great skate shop where you can buy your very own pair of skates. We have over 250 pairs in stock and also have the ability to order anything your heart desires. We also carry skating supplies like laces, wheels, and more.



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Astro Skate

Astro Skate

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